The Undertaker Says Feud With WWE Star Took Years Off His Career

Taker believes he would be in much better shape if he could have skipped one program

The Undertaker feuded with a number of giants during the early years of his WWE career and the names he had rivalries with include King Kong Bundy, Kamala, a copycat Undertaker and more.

However, not all these rivalries were a pleasant experience for the Dead Man and according to the WWE legend, once such feud “took years off’ his career.

Taker recently had an interview with Sam Roberts on the Notsam Wrestling Podcast and discussing his matches with Giant Gonzalez, the former World Champion claimed that he would be in much better shape if he could have skipped that one program:

“That whole thing took years off my career, I would be in much better shape now if I could’ve skipped that one program. As physically demanding as it was, it was twice as much the mental strain.

Because you have Bret, Yokozuna going out and having these great matches.” said The Undertaker, “Obviously you want to be mentioned in the same breath as those guys and it was just not possible.”

The Last Outlaw continued by saying that it was survival every night for him trying to figure out what Gonzalez can do in the ring to make their matches work.

Apart from this, The Undertaker talked about his matches with Bret Hart, how he did not take a lot of bumps early in his career and more.