The Undisputed Era Discuss Their Success, Being “One-In-A-Million”

Current NXT Champion Adam Cole has confessed that he didn't predict Undisputed Era becoming as popular as they have become.

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Current NXT Champion Adam Cole has revealed that he didn’t predict Undisputed Era becoming as big as they have become. The stable, who feature on WWE’s black-and-gold brand, has become a firm staple on NXT, with its members often holding gold. At one point, the entire stable held all of NXT’s championships.

“I didn’t expect it,” Cole revealed to SportsBible when asked about Undisputed Era’s success. “I’m confident in myself and all of us. I’m very confident in our abilities. I know that if given the chance — like the chance that we have now — that we would succeed.But yes, if I’m being totally honest, I did not expect this to turn into one of the… seriously, the best factions in WWE.”

Cole commented on how he would look out at a TakeOver event and see so many people adorned in Undisputed Era merchandise. He described their teamwork, in-ring ability, and group dynamic as a “one-in-a-million scenario.”

Undisputed Era’s Organic Popularity

His Undisputed Era teammates were also a part of the interview. Bobby Fish added to Adam Cole’s comments, noting how success can’t necessarily be predicted. Instead, their popularity has been an organic process.

“[Undisputed Era], from the inception, has evolved and turned into different things along the way,” Fish said. “Like we talked about it before when there was three and then adding Roddy and Roddy was the only option for this and it caused us to evolve. And you don’t evolve when you’re just sitting in your comfort zone. So like if you plan it all, that doesn’t work.”

The Undisputed Era recently wrestled in a losing effort against NXT UK’s Imperium. The two teams clashed at WWE’s recent Worlds Collide event.

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