The Usos To Miss SmackDown Due To Legal Issues, Mystery Partner Match Announced For Roman Reigns

Who will team with Roman Reigns for this match?

Roman Reigns vs The Miz
Roman Reigns will be competing against the Miz and John Morrison

The Usos will be missing this week’s episode of SmackDown due to past legal issues and it means that Roman Reigns will have to find a new partner to defend the pride of his bloodline in a match against the Miz and John Morrison.

The Miz took on his Twitter yesterday and made some interesting comments. He mentioned how he has done more than what many superstars can dream of and name-dropped The Usos and Roman Reigns.

The A-Lister had also teased that the Usos won’t be able to appear on SmackDown this week. Reigns then jumped in to defend his bloodline and he fired some shots of his own:

WWE has since confirmed that the Miz and John Morrison will be competing in a tag match against Roman Reigns at this week’s episode of the show.

They confirmed the news on their official website and announced that the Big Dog will have to find a partner for himself due to the “impending absence” of the Usos.

For those who don’t know, this week’s SmackDown will be taking place from Vancouver, Canada and the Usos will not be a part of it because their past legal troubles prevent them from entering the country.

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