The Young Bucks Discuss AEW TV Plans, Kenny Omega

Young Bucks talked about a wide range of topics involving AEW.

The Young Bucks
The Young Bucks

The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) recently spoke with Chuck Carroll of CBS Sports to talk about a wide range of pro wrestling topics including their plans for a television deal for All Elite Wrestling, which was launched just earlier this month.

Nick started out by stating that he would like to get back to the old-school elements of what worked in pro wrestling years ago because the one thing he wants to focus on is not to insult the audience’s intelligence and offer them long-term storytelling because he thinks that is rare these days. With people binge-watching Netflix series, they want to do that type of storytelling in pro wrestling.

Matt chimed in by stating, “[Eventually] we have to get on TV, on a network that supports us. That’s how you get eyeballs on your show. Everybody still watches television, I don’t care what anybody says. It’s very important. Also, you’ll hear wrestling fans [complain about storylines]. Sometimes there are plot holes… I want to do bits on the show that carry over week, to week, to week, and I want to pay off every single thing. I want to tie up every loose end. I want to really pay off the viewer. I want them to watch and then to feel rewarded by the end of the storyline.”

Nick added that when it comes to a TV deal, they’re looking into all possibilities of trying to get it somewhere and if they can’t lock down a TV deal then he wonders why they can’t be the first wrestling promotion to successively do something streaming. He also mentioned that they’re looking at all the outlets that are given to them and excited about the possibilities of things.

This led to Kenny Omega being brought up and potentially signing him to a deal with AEW. It should be noted that Omega is still under contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling until January 31st.

Nick stated that they hope they can sign Omega but it’s still up in the air as Omega has received offers from literally every major company in the world. Matt added, “I think it’s another one of those spaces where we’re not going to know until there’s a signature on a piece of paper. It’s just nuts right now. Obviously, we’re hopeful, but God, we want him.”