The Young Bucks Recall Almost Quitting Wrestling After Failed ROH Run

It’s pretty well known that the Young Bucks’ run with TNA back in 2011 failed miserably and the duo was in pretty bad financial condition when they ended their stint with the company.

During their recent appearance on Chris Jericho’s Talk Is Jericho podcast, the Bucks once again talked about that time and how the company was not using them.

Continuing on the topic, they also revealed how after leaving TNA their second run with Ring Of Honor failed as well.

According to Bucks, they had a contract with ROH but the company did not want to use them. The reason they were given was that their ‘west coast flight was too expensive every weekend’ hence Officials decided to let their contracts expire.

Later in the interview, Matt Jackson recalled how he was ready to quit the wrestling business after these events because he was about to have a child:

“I was ready to quit, I think, because I was having a kid and it wasn’t because, ‘oh, I fell out of love with wrestling’. I still loved wrestling. It was, ‘I’m having a child and I need money!'”

Thankfully the brothers decided to stick around and since then they have worked hard to reinvent themselves and build their brand.

The duo is now considered one of the most successful tag teams in the Indies and their story is certainly inspiring for all the independent wrestlers out there.

Quotes via WrestlingInc