The Young Bucks Tease Big New Years Announcement

The Elite expected to make a big announcement in the early hours of January 1, 2019

Young Bucks

As 2018 winds to a close, so too does one of the most eventful years in pro-wrestling history. 2019 could be even more significant, however.

The Young Bucks have been counting down until the new year during recent episodes of Being the Elite. The Bucks are currently in Tokyo preparing for Wrestle Kingdom 13. Matt Jackson recently sent out the following:

On December 26th, Matt Jackson tweeted out the following, which has led to speculation the group plans to unveil or announce something as the clock strikes zero on 2018:

The Elite Announcement At 12 AM Tonight?

It’s possible the timer that has been prominently displayed on recent episodes of Being the Elite is simply counting down until the faction are all officially free agents. Another possibility, however, is that they plan to release a special episode of Being the Elite tonight.

Cody Teases New Promotion/Wrestling Revolution

On last week’s episode of Being the Elite, Cody spoke about how the fans have given him the confidence to do what they are about to do next year.

“I know a lot of people think what we’re getting ready to do is a big gamble. Some people think it’s very stupid but I’m not filled with false-hope,” Cody said on the episode. “You the fans have given me real hope and that’s what it takes for a revolution.”