The Young Bucks Welcome Marty Scurll to Bullet Club, Video

Marty Scurll joined Bullet Club at the War of the Worlds PPV event this weekend. The Young Bucks have now released previously unseen footage from backstage at the event.

The Bucks insinuate that Scurll has been with Bullet Club longer than what has been shown on television.

Bullet Club’s “Villain”

At the War of the Worlds PPV, Adam Cole lost a singles match to Hiroshi Tanahashi. After the match the Bucks came out and acted like they were going to super-kick Cole, but then 2-sweeted him instead.

The lights went out and Kenny Omega’s face appeared on the screen. Omega publicly fired Cole, and announced “the Villian” Marty Scurll as the newest member of Bullet Club. The lights went out again, Scurll was in the ring, and the Bucks super-kicked Cole, officially ending his time in the faction.