Titus O’Neil Accepts Lars Sullivan’s Apology, More Details On Situation

Titus O'Neil has accepted Lars Sullivan's apology and applauded his efforts to change.

Titus O'Neil Lars Sullivan

Titus O’Neil posted to his social media accounts recently that he applauds Lars Sullivan for the efforts he has put in to change. Sullivan posted several hateful and societal-damaging messages on a bodybuilding forum but according to Titus, has made efforts to change.

Titus O’Neil On Hulk Hogan’s Apology

Titus’ comments regarding Lars are perhaps made more significant by the fact Titus was notably not impressed with an apology given by Hulk Hogan last year.

“This is not about second or third chances,” Titus said on Busted Open Radio last summer in regards to Hogan’s apology. “This is about a man making a decision to make statements that he truly felt in his heart I believe at that time. He may not feel that way now, he may regret it. But to come out and say, ‘I didn’t know I was being recorded’ and ‘ be careful what you say’ and ‘I don’t remember saying that stuff.’ When you start out an apology like that. Dude, you lost it already. I wanted to give him a chance. I didn’t know what that meeting was about going in but I wanted to give him a chance.”

Lars Sullivan Situation – More Details

The situation involving Lars Sullivan was addressed recently in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Sullivan’s absence after vignettes promoting his debut started to air was due to Lars’ concern his posts would once again surface.

“While the general reaction outside the company when the story surfaced regarded the idea of stage fright, with the idea he was afraid of performing before large numbers of fans, it was actually largely due to fear of the repercussions of the story on the company, himself and those close to him.”