TJP Discusses How The Cruiserweight Division And X-Division Have Impacted Pro Wrestling

Former 205 Live Superstar TJP has discussed his experiences in WWE's Cruiserweight Division, as well as Impact's X-Division, and their impact on pro wrestling.

TJP. Photo Credit:
TJP. Photo Credit:

Former WWE 205 Live Superstar, and current Impact Wrestling star, TJP has experience competing for WWE’s Cruiserweight Division as well as Impact’s X-Division.

Speaking with the WINCLY podcast, TJP opened up about his time in these divisions, and what they each offered pro wrestling.

“I always thought that the X-Division affected the social culture of wrestling in the 2000s the same way the WCW Cruiserweight Division did when it was first starting,” TJP explained.

“I meet young fans who grew up on the X-Division, and during that time TNA was the hot, trendy thing. The generation is so far removed from it now that people forget that the type of trendiness AEW has now TNA once had.”

Reflecting on his time in WWE’s Cruiserweight Division, TJP highlighted how the division gave wrestlers his size opportunities that previously wouldn’t have existed.

“It opened the doors for a generation of guys who didn’t have a certain stature and didn’t have an opportunity for maybe 10 years. There was a time I was homeless,” he shared, “and went down to FCW in 2008 and 2009, and it was unheard of someone of my size trying to get in.”

TJP then spoke about how 2016’s Cruiserweight Classic helped open doors for smaller Superstars to establish themselves, naming Cedric Alexander and The Lucha House Party as prime examples.

TJP has a busy schedule ahead of him. In between his Impact wrestling and independent commitments, he was recently announced as being a participant in New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Super J-Cup.

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