Former Champion Possibly Injured

TJP and Neville

In the past several weeks, Bayley and Scott Dawson have been unfortunate enough to suffer an injury and now it appears another former Champion has joined this list.

Former Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins, who is now simply built as TJP has apparently suffered some sort of leg injury. While the exact date when he got injured is not known, it apparently happened within the past week as he wrestled in a match on last week’s episode of 205 Live.

The talks of his injury began after he was pulled from his match against fellow 205 Live Star Rich Swann yesterday night and was replaced by the former Cruiserweight Classic Competitor Ariya Daivari.

However, he didn’t stay out of the match completely and appeared on the stage when the bout between Daivari and Swann was still in progress. During his appearance, he was on Crutches and wearing a knee brace, which further fuelled the rumours of his injury:

This resulted in Rich getting distracted and it allowed Ariya to pick up the victory. The segment ended afterwards but left fans questioning about TJP’s status.

Though so far WWE has been quiet on Perkins’s injury and they have yet to release any official statement on it. Due to this many believe it can be a work and a way to take the ongoing rivalry between him and Rich Swann to the next level

The only mention of his injury is seen on in the article about the match between Daivari and Swann and that too, doesn’t provide any details on his condition.