TJP Vents Frustrations Over NXT Superstar’s RAW Debut

205 Live Superstar, TJP, took to Twitter last night after witnessing Ricochet's main roster debut.


Not everyone was happy to see NXT Superstar, Ricochet, make their main roster debut last night on Monday Night RAW.

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, TJP, took to his Twitter account in order to vent his frustrations after witnessing Ricochet execute a move TJP claims to have written.

Responding to a clip uploaded by WWE’s Twitter account, TJP said, “Oh cool I think I wrote this”

He would follow up with a series of tweets over the situation before responding to fans who were reaching out with support. It’s worth noting that TJP stressed that he was still “happy” for Ricochet as he “deserves a shot.”

“I wish I was kidding…but literally I wrote that. Be proactive I guess…”

“I thought someone else turning my homework in with their name on it ended after high school…”

“Despite all that, I’m really happy for @KingRicochet because he’s really awesome and deserves a shot.”

“That Was My Best Shot”

Obviously frustrated, TJP claimed that Ricochet’s spot was the “best shot’ he could have hoped for. He claimed that “they [WWE] just gave the bat I carved myself to someone else for their at-bat.”

Despite his clear dissapointment, when another fan asked if TJP would be appearing in All Elite Wrestling anytime soon, the 205 Live Superstar said:

“If it were up to me, literally never. I’m doing everything I possibly can to succeed here on the team I always wanted to play for, both on and off camera.”