Tommy Dreamer: WWE Offered Me A Lot Of Money To Close House of Hardcore

Tommy Dreamer will face Eddie Edwards this Sunday at Slammiversary. The match will be contested under “House of Hardcore” rules.

Dreamer’s House of Hardcore promotion has collaborated with Impact, Billy Corgan’s NWA, and we’ve even seen Tommy Dreamer in Lucha Underground this year. According to Dreamer, however, WWE once offered him a lot of money to close his promotion. Dreamer commented on the matter during today’s Impact Wrestling media call.

“WWE asked me to sign a contract when I went back with the Wyatts,” Dreamer said referring to his brief 2015 run with the company. “They offered me a lot of money to close House of Hardcore and I refused.”

Dreamer would also say he’s apprehensive about signing contracts with anyone.

“Impact Wrestling, I’ve worked there under a lot of different regimes,” Dreamer continued. “Once politics or BC started getting involved, I just left.”

Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore

Dreamer commented on how his experiences with ECW are what helped shape his policy of not signing contracts.

“Everyone talks about ECW and the greatness of what was ECW and it was,” Dreamer said on the call. “But none of us ever knew that Paul Heyman was in bed with the WWE the entire time. I had to live with those effects for a long, long time.”

“I would not sign a contract with anyone,” Dreamer continued.

Tommy Dreamer vs Eddie Edwards – Slammiversary XVI (House of Hardcore Rules)

The Dreamer versus Edwards rivalry grew out of Edwards’ previous rivalry with Sami Callihan. Throughout the course of the Callihan vs Edwards feud, Dreamer attempted to talk sense into Edwards only to eventually become the subject of his delusions.

Edwards came under the belief that Dreamer was sleeping with his wife and confronted him at a House of Hardcore show in Philadelphia. Dreamer, upset at Edwards’ actions towards him, then challenged him to this match at Slammiversary.