Toni Storm Reveals Dream Opponent, Discusses WWE’s Impact On Independent Wrestling

It was only this past weekend that Toni Storm defeated her WWE NXT UK rival, Rhea Ripley, to become crowned NXT UK’s Women’s Champion. This title change happened at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool. Her victory makes her the first-ever New Zealand born champion in WWE history.

Toni Storm was recently interviewed by Planeta Wrestling. During their conversation, Storm discussed a range of different topics including her dream match opponent at WrestleMania, and her thoughts on WWE NXT’s impact on independent wrestling.

“Rowdy” vs “The Man” vs “The Boss”

Although initially naming Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks as Superstars she would like to compete with, it was Becky Lynch that would take the honor.

“I really want to be in there with Becky,” Storm confessed. “She’s someone that’s inspired me so much, ya know? She’s the man. I just love her strength, and I love her fire, and she’s a strong woman, and that inspires me. That’s why I keep doing this.”

As the discussion turned to indie wrestling, and WWE’s potential impact on that as an industry, Storm reflected that “Independent wrestling is at the best it’s ever been, and then what WWE has done, they just come in, and they just elevated it for us so that we can pursue more.”

She continued, “I’m so thankful for that because it’s just making it more mainstream, and making it more popular, and that’s what we needed. I think independent wrestling needs more exposure because it’s so incredible and this [WWE NXT UK] is going to help it a lot.”

Her comments are especially interesting given Triple H’s recent insight into the perceived show hierarchy in WWE. Could this be a further indication as to where we are heading?

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