Top British Boxer Appears for WWE Superstar Paige’s Family Owned Promotion (Video)

This past Sunday saw World Association of Wrestling (WAW) hold an event at Norwich’s Epic Studios, the site of WWE’s United Kingdom network show tapings back in 2017. WAW is the promotion owned and run by British wrestling legends the Knight family, whose most recognisable name is WWE’s Paige.

During the main event of the show British Boxing superstar Anthony Ogogo ran down to the ring and cleared house, helping the British Hooligans by hitting a pretty impressive Rock Bottom and Five Star Frog Splash.

Self confessed wrestling superfan Ogogo is one of the stars of British Boxing, he holds a professional record of 11 wins and 1 loss. Ogogo also saw mainstream success as a cast member of the BBC’s answer to Dancing With The Stars: Strictly Come Dancing, so this is potentially a major mainstream story for WAW in the United Kingdom.

Check out the full video below: