Tracy Smothers Has Passed Away At 58

Tracy Smothers has passed away.

Wrestling great Tracy Smothers has passed away at the age of 58. The veteran of WCW, Smoky Mountain, WWE, and ECW had been battling numerous health issues over the last year. He was diagnosed with Lymphoma last November and had been dealing with heart issues as well.

A GoFundMe account had recently been created to help Smothers deal with mounting medical bills.

“In November 2019, Tracy was diagnosed with Stage III Lymphoma. This meant that Cancer was found in lymph nodes on both sides of his diaphragm. Also, due to blockage in his arteries, Tracy lost 45% of his heart’s use,” reads a description from the GoFundMe account.

“Fast forward a year later and Tracy unfortunately has been hospitalized due to the rapidly growing Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma tumor on the left side of his stomach… which also has now spread into his lungs.”

Remembering Tracy Smothers

Below you can see some reactions to the passing of Tracy Smothers.

“Sorry to hear about the passing of Tracy Smothers. I saw him last about a year ago. He was so happy in the ring. He was a good man. RIP Tracy,” wrote Eric Bischoff on Twitter.