Trent Seven Discusses Goal Of WWE NXT UK Brand

Trent Seven
Trent Seven

Trent Seven discussed the current goal of the WWE NXT UK brand. The star of the brand spoke about the topic in a recent interview with The Sun in the United Kingdom.

He started out by talking about the NXT Tag Titles are still firmly in his and Tyler Bate’s sights after holding them and winning the titles at the Royal Albert Hall earlier this year from The Undisputed Era. He added that’s it’s a moment that they’ll never forget and that they will continue to try and chase it.

“We’ve got a taste for the gold now and we’ll definitely continue to try and chase it. We’re big strong boys and we’ll come back. Performing in Brooklyn has only ignited the fire.”

Seven continued by stating that they have a lot on their plates with building the NXT UK brand but the goal is to make this as big as they can.

“At the moment we have a real intimate relationship with the product as far as the size of the crowds goes, but as that builds hopefully one day we can look to do stadiums and much bigger venues.”

Seven continued by stating that he can definitely foresee a major WWE event coming to the British Isles in the very near future and believes that as long as they continue to keep working hard and impressing, they can play a part in that as it would be incredible.

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