Trent Seven Explains Why WWE Is “The Complete Package”

WWE NXT UK Superstar Trent Seven has explained why he believes WWE offers "the complete package."

Trent Seven
Trent Seven

NXT UK Superstar Trent Seven has spoken about WWE’s entertainment diversity in a recent interview with The Mirror. During the interview, Seven shared his belief that WWE offers “the complete package.” 

Seven explained how everyone approaches wrestling from a different angle, depending on what you grew up with. He noted how if you grew up watching wrestlers like Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks, “you might see it [WWE’s current product] as the most amazing thing the you have ever watched.”

He juxtaposed this with fans who may be more traditional, preferring the more competitive shoot-style matches. For Seven, however, WWE can offer something for everyone:

“I believe that now, the product that we offer, from WWE to NXT UK, there’s such a complete range of entertainment that I don’t think it can be pigeonholed,” Seven explained. “WWE is the complete package as far as entertainment goes.”

Trent Seven Compares WWE To John Wick

During the interview, Seven was asked about those who point that wrestling is scripted. The NXT UK Superstar compared the wrestling industry to Hollywood, noting how he watches movies as a “form of entertainment.”

“I don’t go into a movie like John Wick pretending that it’s real, and that’s the whole point. I go into it as a form of entertainment. I believe as far as professional wrestling goes, there isn’t a more complete form of entertainment.”

Trent Seven recently appeared on an episode of WWE’s black-and-gold brand, NXT. He competed in a losing effort to Finn Balor. 

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