Triple H Fires Shots At AEW During HOF (Video)

Triple H and Shawn Michaels each took a dig at Billy Gunn and AEW last night.

Triple H AEW

Triple H made some cracks regarding AEW and the amount of Executive Vice Presidents the company has during last night’s Hall of Fame ceremony.

Billy Gunn had made a joke about Vince McMahon not being able to fire him, a reference to his AEW employment, when Triple H made the following comment:

“Billy let’s be honest,” Triple H said. “(Vince) will buy that pissant company just to fire you again.”

Shawn Michaels would also chime in with the following comment directed at Billy Gunn:

“You can always count on ‘ol Billy Gunn to over-promise and under-deliver. We thank you for being out here and being ‘All In’.”

Triple H also commented during the ceremony that you can make anyone feel important by putting “EVP” in front of their name. This was likely a reference to the many Executive Vice Presidents (Cody, the Young Bucks, Kenny Omega) AEW has.

AEW Hires Billy Gunn

Billy Gunn was hired in a producer role for AEW back in January.

Gunn and his son, Austin Gunn, both competed in the All In Over Budget Battle Royal.

AEW posted the following regarding Gunn’s signing back in January:

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