Has Shayna Baszler Officially Joined WWE RAW Roster? Triple H Comments

Triple H says Baszler is still an NXT star

Shayna Baszler
Shayna Baszler

Former NXT Champion Shayna Baszler made her Raw debut this week but it appears that she isn’t considered a member of the red roster, just yet.

Triple H held a media call this week to promote Sunday’s NXT Takeover: Portland event and talked about things like NXT Championship possibly being defended at WrestleMania, dropping the term women from NXT titles and more.

When asked about Shayna’s appearance on Raw where she attacked and bit Becky Lynch, the Game first joked that he is wearing a big collar to avoid getting bitten by her. H then claimed that Shayna is still considered an NXT star:

“At this point I’m not 100% sure as far as right now goes? I sort of look at this like sports teams in a way of where do things net out and you’ve got to make deals to get people to go different places.” said Triple H. “As far as I’m concerned right now, Shayna Baszler’s still an NXT talent until we make a deal for her to go someplace else”

The WWE Vice President later also teased the possibility of the Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch coming to NXT to take revenge of the attack on Raw.

Apart from this, Triple H talked about the ratings battle between NXT and AEW and commented on the reports of Matt Riddle having heat with Vince McMahon, which you can check out here.