Triple H On Why WWE Signed Matt Riddle After Initial Hesitation

Following NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4 last night, Triple H participated in a media conference call to answer some questions.

Of course, one hot topic was WWE’s official announcement on the signing of Matt Riddle. Riddle will be a part of the NXT roster in the coming weeks. WWE was initially hesitant to sign Riddle in the past due to his history of marijuana use.

Triple H On WWE Signing Riddle

Now that they’ve signed Riddle, it appears as though that is no longer a concern for the promotion. Triple H had this to say about Riddle’s signing:

“I think he’s ready to come in and get brought the rest of the way,” Triple H said. “I also think he’s matured as a person which, we’ll find out.

“But I think he’s matured as a person and he’s realized where he wants to get to in the business as opposed to just having fun being in the business, there’s a difference. So we think now’s the right time, but time will tell.”

“The Game” also praised Riddle’s talent and said he thinks he’s going to be one of the Superstars who makes it in WWE:

“He’s a very, very talented guy, the sky is the limit and you know, we’ll see what he can do. It’s an interesting thing because I think sometimes people think that we just bring them in and just go with it, it’s not that simple.

“Not everybody makes it, not everything works. There are a lot of factors that go into it, so we’ll see. I believe in him and I believe he has a lot of potential and talent, but again just like everybody else as they walk in the door, we’ll see.”

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H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions