Triple H Shares His Vision For WWE’s Performance Center

WWE Executive and former WWE Champion Triple H has opened up on his vision for the WWE Performance Center.

Triple H, real name Paul Levesque, recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to promote the official website for the Performance Center, which launched this morning (June 4, 2018).

In this interview, he sounded off on how this website will help them further recruit athletes from around the world and transform them into a WWE Superstar.

“We’re looking for larger-than-life personalities, for quality human beings and emerging leaders, as well as the person who can handle the grind of long days on the road but still smiles when seeing children waiting at the airport,” said Levesque. “Our stars are superheroes to most of the world, so we want the right people.

“This is the path to WWE. There are some markets that are much more mature and ready to begin the process, where there are other markets that are going to need more time to create a pipeline. Over time, this path will become clear. The process is now in place.”

Before NXT, which Triple H created, WWE had OVW and other developmental brands to get talents that they saw as draws ready for the big stage.  Triple H believed that they needed to build within instead of reach out to other promotions and grab their talent. Thus, NXT was born, and later WWE created the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

WWE’s Global Talent Search

“The Game” believes that the next step for the sports entertainment company is to get talent from not just the United States but from around the world.

“We’re recruiting globally, finding stars around the world,” said Levesque. “WWE is this global product that is seen everywhere and has massive appeal, almost on a level where there is nothing quite like that. American football does not translate a lot overseas, cricket doesn’t translate everywhere in the world. Soccer is probably the closest to it, but we have this amazing product that is globally massive. Seventy percent of our viewership across all our platforms comes from outside of the US. We want to keep the world engaged.

“Our goal is to find local talent to try out with the WWE, train them locally, then see the talent eventually move to the US, become part of a global brand in NXT, go to Raw, go to SmackDown, and then be a part of WrestleMania,” said Levesque. “What is that engagement then to those fans in that area? That’s transformative to a global audience.

“We’re one of the biggest, most watched products in India. But if we can take local, homegrown talent from India and create stars, there will be an even deeper involvement. We are a truly global brand. We tour globally and the product exists globally. It’s the global localization of the world, and engaging with local markets in a grassroots manner leads to an even greater local presence.”

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