Triple H Reportedly Frustrated With WWE’s Booking

Triple H is said to be frustrated with how WWE's main roster is being booked.

Triple H is reported to not be happy with how things are going on WWE’s main roster at the moment. According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Triple H has not said anything in front of others in WWE but those close to the situation note he is frustrated with how things have been going.

“Paul Levesque, while never saying anything publicly, those close to the situation say he’s very frustrated with how things are going on the main roster,” wrote Dave Meltzer.

The report would continue to say that the issue isn’t with Vince not being open to suggestions but rather the opposite being the case.

“We’re told that there has been too much input from too many people on the team who haven’t figured out that when you change something in a story, it has a ripple effect on every aspect of the story.”

Triple H is believed to pick his spots with Vince in private rather than in front of others.

Writers and Triple H Frustrated With Vince?

The report comes amidst other rumors that writers on the team are frustrated in WWE. Wade Keller’s Pro Post-Wrestling podcast recently featured someone reporting to be close with several WWE writers. He had the following to say regarding the situation:

“The most frustrated person in the back every single night is Triple H. He’ll always take, especially the NXT guys, under his wing. It looks like he’s consoling them. It looks so much like he was the most frustrated person in the building every single night.”