Triple H Says Tyson Fury Wants A Bigger Role In WWE

Tyson Fury may want to do something bigger when he returns to WWE.

Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury with Vince McMahon

According to comments made by Triple H recently, Tyson Fury would like a bigger role in WWE when he returns. Triple H spoke with Metro UK reporters this weekend while in Blackpool for the NXT UK Takeover event. During a media event, Triple H spoke about Tyson Fury’s future with the company.

Triple H spoke about how Fury first has to get through his rematch with Deontay Wilder on February 22nd before plans are made for his WWE return.

“That fight on February 22nd will be huge to him as to what his next steps are in all of this. So, we’re open to that stuff but it needs to be right for everybody,” Triple H said.

“Yeah, I think there are thoughts out there of a lot of things with Tyson Fury. He had a blast working with us,” Triple H continued. “It’s funny, one of the things that I learned with him doing the press for the other time he worked for us is that in his mind as a kid, he saw himself being a WWE superstar, not a boxer.”

Triple H would continue to talk about Fury’s performance at Crown Jewel against Braun Strowman. He also mentioned that he believes Tyson Fury wants to do something bigger than he has with WWE.

“The entertainment side of it, that showmanship side of him is in front. So I think he would love to do something more with us. He’d love to do a bigger thing.”

The full interview with Metro UK can be read here.

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