Triple H Talks NXT TakeOver Portland, Change In PPV Schedule

Triple H spoke to Yahoo Sports ahead of Takeover: Portland this weekend.

Triple H NXT

When NXT presents Takeover Sunday night from Portland, it won’t be the night before a major WWE PPV. Triple H noted during a recent interview with Yahoo Sports that the change in PPV schedule which sees NXT Takeover events presented on Sundays independent of WWE events has created a different vibe backstage.

“When you come into an area and you know that tomorrow night there is going to be another pay-per-view taking place, there’s a slightly different buzz,” Triple H said. “The conversations are different, some of the people are different. There’s also this moment of, ‘Hey, we have to prove ourselves so when we leave here we can say, follow that.’ When you’re in this business, every time you step into the ring, you want to leave with a moment that fans will remember you by. When you have the stage to yourself and you have the whole audience, that’s different, but the buzz is just as high.”

Triple H also took some time during the interview to talk about Bianca Belair vs Rhea Ripley. Belair won a battle royal on a recent edition of NXT to earn the shot against the new champion.

“You find yourself in this situation where you have Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair both on fire right now,” Levesque said. “If Bianca Belair wins this, would anybody be upset if it was Bianca versus Charlotte, if that was the road we went down? Would anybody be upset if it was Rhea and Charlotte? Would anybody be upset if it was a triple threat? There are so many opportunities because you have phenomenal talent, performing in incredible ways and the storylines write themselves. It’s win-win-win.”

The full interview with Triple H can be read here.