UFC Hall Of Famer On WWE Not Using Him Anywhere Near His Potential

UFC Hall Of Famer and former WWE Superstar Dan Severn was recently interviewed on the Duke Loves Rassin Podcast to discuss several professional wrestling topics. Severn talked about his time in WWE and his belief that he was being greatly underutilized:

“It was great to know you made it to work for the number one company in the world, but by the same token, I was never utilized anywhere near my potential. Jim Cornette has done a number of interviews sticking up for me, explaining there were certain limitations that I have where I’m not that guy that is going to cut great promos. I am a guy that knows physical mechanics and can take care of business that way.

“I was the first wrestler ever to be non exclusive. At the time I was working for the WWE, I was working for the NWA, I was working for the UFC and I was not exclusive to any of them. There were days when I’d be on the road and have three different bags packed and have to remind myself what I am today, a pro wrestler or a MMA guy?”

Severn also discussed his thoughts on “The Chairman Of The Board” Vince McMahon:

“He will get away with whatever he think she can get away with. I was used really well in the beginning and when they realized they had no control mechanisms over me, that’s when creative started throwing me some crazy angles. I was first billed as a no-nonsense babyface that just took care of business and Jim Cornette was my mouthpiece. All of a sudden, they pitch me ideas when they want to tattoo a 666 on me, the mark of the beast, and all of these other crazy ideas.”