UK/Mae Young Classic Star Subject of BBC Documentary

Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) has announced that their reigning Women’s Champion Piper Niven/Viper will be the subject of an upcoming BBC Documentary on Monday June 11th.

‘Fight Like A Girl’ will be shown across the United Kingdom and will be one of the highest profile spotlights on UK wrestling in the mainstream for the past few decades, potentially since the heyday of World of Sport.

Here’s part of the synopsis for the show: “By day, 26 year-old Kimberly Benson dons her smart workwear and goes off to her job in the family coach hire business. By night, with big blow-dried hair and head-to-toe in shimmering Lycra, she steps into the ring as Viper, one of the UK’s top female wresters. The contrast is not lost on her and in Fight Like A Girl, the first in a new run of BBC One’s Our Lives strand, Kimberly explains what it’s like to lead her double life. She reveals everything from how she copes with her rigorous training regime, to how she deals with homesickness, as the sport she loves takes her all over the world.”

If you live in the UK you can check out the show at 7:30pm on Monday 11th June on BBC One.