Update On Big Cass’ Status, Kevin Owens Steals Producer’s Phone

Big Cass
Big Cass. Photo Credit: WWE.com

Update On Big Cass’ Status

Big Cass has been subject to many rumors recently, especially after it was revealed that the former NXT Star has heat for a recent SmackDown Live segment.

He was recently also removed from the announced Money In The Bank qualifier because of a leg injury he suffered during a recent Live Event. However, many people believed that the whole thing is a work.

Now in an update, Pwinsider is reporting that Cass was walking with a noticeable limp backstage during this week’s episode of the Blue Branded Show.

While this could be a way to work talents backstage, after this report, the possibility of a legitimate injury cannot be ruled out either. We’ll keep you posted on the matter.

Kevin Owens Steals Producer’s Phone

Kevin Owens is known for his unique tactics and unprecedented behavior not only during his matches but during various segments and even during his entrance.

During a recent Live Event, the former Universal Champion once again did something unthinkable while making his way to the ring when he stole the phone of a WWE Social Media Producer.

After stealing the phone, Owens made a hilarious video of himself and his tag team partner for the show Sami Zayn. WWE later posted the video on their YouTube channel and it can be seen below: