Update On Neville ‘Walking Out’ Before Raw & His WWE Status

Photo Credit: WWE.com

As noted earlier this week, the original plans for the main event of Raw called for Neville to square off against the then-Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore in a non-title match. Kalisto wound up filling in for Neville, the title was on the line and Kalisto was crowned the new Cruiserweight Champion.

At that time it wasn’t clear why the match was changed, though it appears now we know what led WWE to chacne course. According to a report from F4Wonline, Neville ‘walked out’ of the arena before Raw went on air, apparently quitting the promotion in the process.

While WWE is denying the reports of him quitting, Neville’s future with the company remains in question and he did not appear on 205 Live on Tuesday night.

Neville was the Cruiserweight Champion from a while before losing the title recently to Enzo Amore. He lost the belt at the No Mercy PPV last month after which he had apparently turned face.

Though many fans were angry with the fact that he lost the title to Enzo Amore who himself has been in controversy lately due to stories of bad backstage attitude.

There have also been some unconfirmed reports of the former NXT Champion being frustrated with his spot on Cruiserweight Division and it’s been said that he wanted to compete on the main roster instead, which likely contributed to his unhappiness.

Meanwhile, the Young Bucks who have been on the radar of WWE for their recent actions posted the following photo, inviting the former Champion to join the Bullet Club:

As of this writing, Neville is still listed as an active superstar on WWE’s official website and It’s hard to say where this whole controversy will lead us because even if he wants to quit the promotion WWE can block his request for a release.

We’ll keep you posted on any further development in the situation.