Update On Mustafa Ali’s Elimination Chamber Status

It appears as though Mustafa Ali has suffered a concussion, putting his Elimination Chamber position in jeopardy.

Mustafa Ali. Image Credit: WWE.com
Mustafa Ali. Image Credit: WWE.com

SmackDown Live competitor, Mustafa Ali, has been making waves since moving up to the main roster. The former 205 Live Superstar has already been featured in marquee matches against talents like Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe, and Randy Orton during his short time on the blue brand. This success led him to become one of the competitors to compete for Daniel Bryan’s (100% sustainable) WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber.

However, according to PWInsider and Fightful, Ali’s Chamber debut could be in jeopardy. We recently reported on Ali working through tailbone issues. Now, PWInsider states that Ali has allegedly suffered a concussion. There is no official statement on when this injury might have occurred, though he did suffer a nasty black eye from his recent bout against Randy Orton.

As they are wont to do, WWE plans to turn the situation into a storyline pinning the injuries on Orton. This ties into what we saw last week, and also gives Ali a built-in return feud once he is cleared to compete again.

For what it’s worth, Ali did not work last night’s live event in Canton, OH. He is due to be reassessed prior to SmackDown Live and has supposedly insisted that he is able to work.

If Ali is removed from the match, who should replace him? Are you still hoping that he’ll be cleared for the Elimination Chamber?