Update On AEW-Warner Media TV Deal

New details regarding the AEW-Warner Media deal have been revealed.


Pro-Wrestling will be returning to TNT this fall when AEW presents a weekly live 2-hour show on the network. New details regarding AEW’s new television deal were revealed in a recent report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

What Day of the Week Will AEW TV Air?

This is not yet clear, though it will likely be either Tuesday or Wednesday. This is the main sticking point for negotiations for a TV deal in Canada as well. A deal in Canada cannot be completed until the day of the week the show will air has been determined. Warner Media will be the ones making that decision.

“WarnerMedia is going to make the call based on market research to determine the value of going on Tuesday, with it being a ‘creature of habit’ night for wrestling fans right now, with the idea of going 8-10 p.m,” wrote Dave Meltzer.

Tuesday Night Dynamite is a registered trademark for AEW, though not necessarily the name for the weekly TV show. TNT airs NBA games during the season on Tuesdays as well.

No start date for the show has been announced, though it is expected to begin airing this October.

Details Regarding AEW Deal With Warner Media

Showtime was also in the running to land the show, though TNT was the favorite to secure the deal.

“There were also negotiations with Showtime, although TNT was always the favorite to end up as the destination point,” wrote Dave Meltzer.

The deal involves an advertising-revenue split between Warner and AEW. No rights fees will be paid to AEW but Warner will handle the production costs.

“The key is that WarnerMedia will be paying for production, the value of which is unknown. But that shocked most in the wrestling industry because in the modern era very few wrestling deals actually paid for production.”

When Did Negotiations Begin?

 Negotiations between Warner and Tony Khan evidently predate All In, though talks became more serious this November.

“AEW to TNT had been talked about by AEW President Tony Khan and Kevin Reilly, the President of TNT and TBS, for nearly one year, even predating All In. But the first actual serious negotiations started in mid-November. Khan had promised a strong roster in those negotiations and was able to sign every key person he had promised.”

PPV Cost 

As previously reported, B/R Live will be the streaming partner for AEW. The streaming service will also present Double or Nothing for the price of $49.95. Additional content is expected for B/R Live from AEW as well.