Update On Alexander Wolfe’s WWE Status

Alexander Wolfe and Sanity

We noted before how Killian Dan of Sanity commented on the separation of the group thanks to Eric Young’s move to Raw during Superstar Shakeup via a tweet. He claimed that he’ll miss both Young and Alexander Wolfe terribly.

This tweet made many wonder about his partner Alexander’s status as the company had not provided any update on his future during the shakeup and he was still considered a part of the SmackDown roster.

Fueling the fire was a tweet from Wolfe followed by Dain’s post in which he released a statement to thank everyone for their support and claimed that ‘It’s time to leave this behind and walk a different path.’:

This tweet paired with the recent report of Luke Harper asking for his release made many wonder if Alexander is also on his way out of the company.

Though Pro Wrestling Sheet later provided an update on the situation and revealed that when reached out, WWE officials told them that the former NXT Star is still under contract with the promotion.

The site also notes that Wolfe might be moving back to NXT, which would explain his statement where he thanked the SmackDown roster and talked about leaving things behind.

Though as of now, WWE hasn’t confirmed this move officially so we’re still unsure about his future. We’ll keep you posted if any more details on the situation come to light.