Update On Big Cass; Enzo Amore Reacts Upon Hearing About Cass’ Seizure

Photo Credit: WWE.com

During last night’s House Of Hardcore show, which took place at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, former WWE superstar, Big Cass, suffered an unfortunate seizure. This event occurred during the show’s intermission.

Big Cass was scheduled to take part in a segment during the second half of the show with Joey Ryan. He would ultimately be replaced by the Blue Meanie.

Thankfully, according to PWInsider, by the time EMTs arrived to attend to Cass, he had come back around. He was coherent and able to speak with House Of Hardcore management whilst being attended to.

Tommy Dream took to Twitter in order to provide an update on Cass, letting people know that he had spoken with him and that he is “doing well.”

Olive Branch

The incident even caught the attention of Big Cass’ former WWE tag team partner, Enzo Amore.

Amore took to his social media in order to reach out with some words of encouragement. The two have not been on the best of terms since last year with the duo not talking to each other for the longest time.
This sad development, however, could be the catalyst that sees the two begin anew, if only as friends.

Enzo had the following to say:

He followed up with another Tweet that said: “If I had a dime for everytime one of us got knocked down & didn’t get back up….. I would have #ZeroDIMES …”