Update On Brock Lesnar’s UFC And WWE Future

Brock Lesnar's contract is believed to be up in May.

Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar (Photo: WWE)

Brock Lesnar’s UFC and WWE future has been in question for the better part of the last four years, and that remains the case as we enter another WrestleMania season.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Lesnar’s current WWE contract definitely runs through WrestleMania 35, and most likely the planned May event in Saudi Arabia.

That deal does allow Lesnar to fight in the UFC, and Lesnar has remained in the USADA drug testing pool. Lesnar has reportedly been tested recently, leaving the door open for him to return to fighting while under his current WWE contract.

Dave Meltzer believes that Lesnar is unlikely to fight again, and is simply using the threat of going to UFC as leverage in contract negotiations with WWE.

Further complicating Brock’s potential UFC and WWE future is the emergence of All Elite Wrestling.

Meltzer reported on an audio show this week that Chris Jericho wants a match with Lesnar, and Jericho appeared to be working towards that by taking a shot at Lesnar on social media on Sunday.

Jericho’s Tweet read:

“Intimidation and fear goes a LONG way in our business guys. But let’s be honest, @BrockLesnar needs to pull up his pants and lose the gut… the dream is over dude. I don’t play by the script… @wwe @AEWrestling

— Chris Jericho (@IAmJericho) January 28, 2019″

Jericho has since deleted the Tweet.

Reportedly, when Lesnar’s WWE contract expires, there could be three companies negotiating for his services: UFC, WWE, and AEW.

What do you see in Brock Lesnar’s UFC and WWE future?