Update On Cruiserweights Being Used As Managers In WWE

Fans who have been watching Monday Night Raw recently may have noticed something out of place. WWE hasn’t used managers much in recent years as Vince McMahon is said to not be a fan of the role.

205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick is now not only running the Cruiserweight division but also managing the Authors of Pain, however. Similarly, 205 Live’s Lio Rush cut a promo in the back yesterday hyping up his new client, Bobby Lashley.

This development has fans asking two questions: Is WWE in favor of using managers again? And if so, are they going to continue using cruiserweights in the role?

Cruiserweights As Managers In WWE

According to a report from Fightful, the plan is to continue using some cruiserweights in this role. The report says that there is an effort backstage in WWE to add more managers to the product. Smaller cruiserweights who are good on the mic are seen as perfect for the role as well.

A contributing factor to cruiserweights being used on Raw as managers is that they are often only booked for a half a dozen events per month. Using the better talkers in the division as managers is a way of maximizing their investment in that talent. It is also a way of easing the company back into using managers without having to invest in a performer permanently in the role.

Rush has been paired with a larger partner previously in WWE. He was originally paired up with the gigantic Babatunde Aiyegbusi.

Rush will continue to compete on 205 Live, however, as he is scheduled to face Noam Dar next Tuesday night.