Update On Eric Bischoff’s New Role With WWE

Eric Bischoff may not play a role in Smackdown's creative moving forward.

Eric Bischoff Smackdown

Eric Bischoff has relocated to Stamford, Connecticut for his new role as the Executive Director of Smackdown. Bischoff might not be involved with the creative direction of the brand, however, and his role might be geared more toward working with executives from Fox in the fall. He is reported to have started yesterday and did not have input into this week’s Smackdown.

Bischoff’s creative input on Smackdown moving forward was addressed recently by the Wrestling Observer.

“(Bischoff) ended up having no influence on Smackdown this past week and right now those in creative were told that he will most likely not be involved with the creative process and that it looks like his job will be to interface with all of the departments in the company as well as with FOX,” wrote Dave Meltzer.

Eric Bischoff on Smackdown

The report would continue to say that Smackdown is currently without a creative leader.

Smackdown was also said to have been a mess this week with there being uncertainty over Daniel Bryan’s role on the show. Bryan had been scheduled to be apart of the #1 Contender battle royal on RAW this week but was pulled last minute. It was then advertised that Bryan would make a career-altering announcement on the show, though that never came.