Update On Goldberg’s New WWE Deal, Match Being Discussed For WrestleMania 33

Bill Goldberg could be sticking around the WWE Universe as long as Vince McMahon wants him to, after initially signing on for a “one-and-done” match at Survivor Series.

After his shocking win in under two minutes over Brock Lesnar at the PPV this past Sunday night, the wrestling legend confirmed on Monday’s RAW that he will be participating in the upcoming Royal Rumble match in January. Dave Meltzer noted on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that he could be working additional matches, depending on how bad Vince McMahon wants to use him.

Meltzer noted that Goldberg received a “big money deal” for his match at Survivor Series against Lesnar. Content with the deal, Goldberg is apparently willing to work as often as WWE would like, as the agreement calls for the same amount of compensation each time he works a match. The deal is reportedly open-ended, so it’s just a matter of how often WWE wants to use him.

It’s also being reported that Goldberg vs. Lesnar 2 is being discussed as a potential match for WrestleMania 33. Meltzer speculated that WWE may have Lesnar interfere in the Royal Rumble match in January, costing Goldberg the match and setting up a second showdown between the two at the big event in April.