Update On Impact Wrestling Offering To Sell Company To AEW

Impact Wrestling

In late December, there was a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter which stated Impact Wrestling was looking to sell their company to All Elite Wrestling.

“It is not a secret that there were forces attempting to sell Impact to AEW a few months ago,” wrote Dave Meltzer. “But that proposal was turned down.”

Ed Nordholm then told talent on January 7th that Anthem was not looking to sell the company. The Observer clarified their story today.

“The only deal we know of regarding a potential sale was when Chris Jericho became aware of Tony Khan wanting to start a company and tried to set up a meeting with Khan and Impact,” Meltzer wrote in the latest edition of the Observer.

Meltzer would continue to say this discussion took place all the way back in September. This means Jericho has been involved in discussions involving the new promotion since shortly after All In.

“Anthem was willing to talk and this was in September but Khan, who at that point was exploring starting up, said that he would start up on his own and wasn’t looking at buying an existing company,” Meltzer continued.

Ed Nordholm On Impact Wrestling’s Future

Following the Homecoming PPV this weekend, Ed Nordholm addressed the roster at the following night’s TV tapings. He talked about the important role Impact plays in the expansion of the Fight Network. The combat sports station signed big deals in Mexico and the United Kingdom in 2018.

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