Update On Johnny Impact And Austin Aries, Was It All A Work?

Johnny Impact Austin Aries
Johnny Impact Austin Aries

In the build-up to Bound For Glory, the line between reality and fiction was blurred. As it turns out, even management wasn’t entirely sure how much was fact and how much was fiction.

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer, Impact and Aries decided to run with a social media angle without the company’s permission.

“The twitter stuff was actually Aries and John Morrison trying to work their own angle and making it personal with Aries calling Taya husky,” Dave Meltzer wrote. “Management wasn’t happy with that because they don’t want people working angles they aren’t appraised of, because it could contradict where they are going.”

Austin Aries’ “Loose Cannon” Gimmick

Aries is said to have suffered a mild concussion during his match at Bound For Glory. He was sent home from the New York tapings the following day.

“On the Austin Aries thing, as noted last week, his contract has expired but the company is very high on him,” Meltzer continued. “My sense is he’ll be back and there’s a lot of Brian Pillman stuff in what he’s been doing.”

The Aries vs Impact match itself appeared to be quite stiff. Early moments in the match indicated the two were trying to make the bout look as real as possible. Aries then no-sold the finish to the match and flipped off Don Callis before leaving the arena.

Don Callis also commented on the worked-shoot/unplanned parts of the angle on his podcast, Killin the Town.

“Effectively we had an issue earlier in the week with some Tweets between talent. They were told to take those Tweets down,” Callis said. “Things got a little heated at the press conference. People said ‘Well, why didn’t this happen at the press conference if they were going to have a face-to-face?’ Well, because it wasn’t really planned. I’m just going to leave it at that.”