Update On Matt Riddle To WWE, Details On NJPW Negotiations

Matt Riddle is likely WWE-bound as speculation regarding the former UFC fighter’s future continues. Riddle has been canceling upcoming bookings as of late and the belief is he could be shown on-camera during Takeover: Brooklyn this year.

New details were revealed today regarding Riddle’s negotiations with NJPW before signing with WWE.

PWG recently announced that he will no longer be a participant in this year’s Battle of Los Angeles as well.

“Matthew Riddle will no longer be a participant in the 2018 Battle of Los Angeles,
PWG Tweeted. “Trevor Lee has now entered the tournament in his place!”

“On a plane to Detroit so stoked to see my sexy lady after weeks of travel and work #stallion #kingofbros #splx #love #sexylady #wife

Matt Riddle Negotiations with WWE and NJPW/ Marijuana Stigma

WWE and NJPW are both believed to have sent offers to Riddle. NJPW is also believed to have made Riddle an offer last November only to have rescinded it shortly after.

“New Japan did go back to (Riddle) which surprised me a lot,” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio. “He was going to be on the November New Japan tournament with Jeff Cobb and then Bushi Road found out about his marijuana past.”

NJPW has stricter policies towards marijuana-related offenses due to the increased stigma of marijuana in the country. Riddle has been an out-spoken marijuana proponent and has previously failed multiple drug-tests for it while fighting in the UFC.  NJPW is believed to rescinded their offer as a result of Riddle’s association with marijuana.

WWE had previously shied away from Riddle as well, possibly for similar reasons.

NJPW and WWE are both believed to have reversed their stance recently, however. Both promotions reportedly sent offers to Riddle despite his association with marijuana. Riddle evidently opted for WWE’s offer.

Matt Riddle Pro-Wrestling Career

Riddle had a decorated career on the independent scene. He is a former WWN Live Champion, PWG Tag Team Champion, Progress Atlas Champion, and Evolve Champion.

In 2016, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter voted him both the Most Improved and Rookie of the Year.