Update On Mike & Maria Kanellis’ WWE Status

Mike & Maria Kannellis
Mike & Maria Kannellis

It is unclear if Mike Bennett and/or Maria Kanellis asked for their WWE releases recently. It was reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet the couple had asked for their release but this was publicly denied by Maria.

Pro Wrestling Sheet responded that they reached out to the couple for comment but did not receive one.

In a segment on Wrestling Observer radio this morning, Dave Meltzer said the following on the Kanellis’ WWE status.

“The story (Mike & Maria asking for their release) is not wrong but it was several weeks ago and from what I understand they asked to give notice and were turned down,” Meltzer said, though it is unclear if his anonymous sources were any different than PW Sheet’s.

Maria Kanellis – Sports Entertainment Degree – Paul Heyman Endorsed

Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett would likely be scooped up fast by another promotion if they were granted their releases. Kanellis, in particular, could be someone who plays a prominent role backstage in wrestling one day.

Maria was released from WWE in 2010. She received a “WWE Talent Scholarship” to get her University degree shortly after. Maria then attended Johnson and Wales University from 2013-2017 and obtained a degree in the highly relevant to her career field of Sports Entertainment and Event Management. She was re-signed to WWE shortly after completing her degree in 2017.

Paul Heyman, who worked with Maria in OVW, has referred to her as the most underrated creative mind in the industry.