Update On Money WWE Is Receiving For NXT TV Rights Fees

WWE won't be getting as much in rights fees for NXT as originally reported.


WWE and the USA Network recently announced NXT will air live weekly 2-hour shows every Wednsday night. The company won’t be receiving as much in rights fees from USA as was originally reported, however.

The Wrestling Observer recently provided an update on how much WWE will receive in rights fees annually from the USA Network in exchange for NXT programming.

“I guess the number is $60 million over two years,” said Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio. “Which would be $30 million a year or $600,000 a week, not $50 million that I said the first time. What I was told was over $50 million but the person who told me I guess meant over two years, not one year.”

He would continue to say it is still enough for NXT to be profitable. The fees will also be more than enough to cover production costs.

WWE Cancels NXT Tapings

NXT tapings had been scheduled for September 11th and 12th next month at Full Sail University. Those events have been rescheduled to the 18th and 25th when they will air live on USA. Ticketholders to the 11th and 12th shows will now have the option of receiving a refund or tickets to the rescheduled shows.