Update On Neville’s Contract Status With WWE


Three weeks ago, it was reported that Neville was no longer under contract to WWE. Despite this, there are also reports Neville is turning down bookings saying he is not contractually free to work for other promotions. Neville’s contractual status with WWE was addressed in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

“WWE has told us that he is free and clear to work anywhere he wants,” wrote Dave Meltzer. “When he has been contacted by promoters, he has said that he can’t accept dates yet but will be able to very soon.”

There was speculation that Neville may have been asked to participate in All In as well. It is not yet clear when Neville will begin to take non-WWE bookings.

Neville Contractual Status

It will be almost one year since Neville has wrestled a match. His last contest was a DQ victory over Cruiserweight Champion, Enzo Amore. The match took place on an October 1st, 2017 house show. Neville is then said to have walked out on the company. He is believed to have been unhappy with the company’s creative plans for him.

Tama Tonga of Bullet Club’s Firing Squad recently said he’s interested in bringing in the wrestler FKA Pac into his stable.

“I know Neville and I’ve followed his work,” Tonga said. “He’s a phenomenal worker and he’s been here in New Japan before, I watched him in the Super Juniors in 2012. I love his work.”

Where do you expect Neville to turn up next?