Update On NXT UK Women’s Superstars Allowed To Work With IMPACT

We’ve been reporting recently on the new NXT UK talent contractual situations. NXT UK contracted Superstars will now be ‘exclusive’ to the NXT offshoot. Previously NXT UK Superstars were prohibited from performing on shows within 7 days of an official NXT UK date but now they can only perform for certain ‘greenlit’ companies and not on any on demand platforms.

The Wrestling Observer claimed this week that IMPACT talents are possibly part of the ‘greenlit’ performers that NXT UK Superstars can face in-ring. Jordynne Grace faced Toni Storm on two occasions this past week for PROGRESS and Pro Wrestling: EVE. Dave Meltzer claimed that “Evidently the ban doesn’t include Impact in Europe either, since Jordynne Grace, who has an Impact contract, worked twice this past week against Toni Storm, for both Eve and Progress. You could note Progress being aligned with WWE, but Eve isn’t to the best of our knowledge.”

We can confirm that this isn’t the case at all. The rule prohibiting NXT UK Superstars being able to face performers outside of the ‘WWE Bubble’ does not come into effect until January, that is why Storm appeared for both PROGRESS and EVE against Jordynne Grace. The only ‘rule’ that WWE has enforced from the announcement of the new contracts is the ‘intergender’ rule. NXT UK Superstars cannot perform against a star of the opposite gender on any independent shows.