Update On Ric Flair Leaving TNA & Possibly Returning To WWE

It’s been widely reported that Ric Flair is on the outs with TNA, with most people in the company under the impression that he won’t be back. There are conflicting stories as to whether Flair quit or if TNA ended the relationship.

Flair could wind up back in WWE, since he is a close personal friend of Triple H, his daughter just got signed to WWE developmental and WWE could use Flair to help with the WWE Network launch later this year. Under no circumstances would Flair ever wrestle in a WWE ring again after his elaborate “retirement” sendoff at WrestleMania 24.

Flair currently has a lucrative sponsorship deal in place with Coca Cola as the spokesperson for a new energy shot drink, however his financial situation (and lifestyle) is such that he will probably still need to work for years to come.

Check out these videos of Ric Flair promoting the “Fuel In A Bottle” energy drink:

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