Sunday, November 29, 2020

Update On Scott Hall Being Thrown Out Of Wrestling Event, DDP Comments

As we reported on Monday night, Scott Hall was physically escorted out of an independent wrestling event due to public intoxication.

The WWE Hall Of Famer, who had signed on to become an official part of the roster of Jeff Jarrett’s upstart “Global Force Wrestling” promotion, is reportedly no longer associated with the company, as the official website has removed Hall from their roster page.

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“I’m not sure 100% if this is connection to Scott Hall’s issues over the weekend, but Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling has removed him from their roster page and he is no longer booked for dates with the company,” writes a new TMZ report.

According to a source close to the situation, Hall was fed drinks at the indy show he was tossed out of this weekend by some of the roadies who were working at the show. The online reports claim the roadie was working for one of the bands who was playing at the festival that the wrestling show Hall was booted from was part of.

Diamond Dallas Page, a close friend of Hall’s who has helped the WWE Hall Of Famer get sober in the past, spoke with TMZ about the incident on Monday. DDP told TMZ that recovery is a process and fans shouldn’t be so quick to give up on Hall just yet.

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