Update On The Early Buyrate Figure For WrestleMania 28

On Wednesday, ESPN reporter Gus Ramsey wrote on Twitter that he heard the preliminary buyrate for WWE WrestleMania 28 came in at 1.9 million buys, which would make it the most profitable WrestleMania event by a longshot.

Ramsey has posted several follow-up tweets regarding the WrestleMania 28 buyrate:

“I trust who I heard it from, but again no confirmation.”

“just something I heard. I’m not a reporter. Just a guy who likes wrestling and knows some people. Could very well be wrong”

“Re: WM28 buy rate. 1- I work at espn, not a reporter. Not the same thing. 2- I heard the number but have no confirmation.”

“haven’t seen anything in writing. so maybe the # is wrong, or I misheard it, but pretty sure that was the # + WWE very happy”