Update On WWE Sending Feelers To NJPW Talent

Tetsuya Naito

Tokyo Sports published a report this week stating Tetsuya Naito received an offer from WWE back in June. According to a report from the Wrestling Observer, Naito is one of three NJPW stars to have been sent feelers from WWE. He is the only one to have turned down the offer outright, however.

“Naito would be one of the three (at least) Japanese top guys feelers have been sent to,” wrote Dave Meltzer. “The other two that we’re aware of didn’t turn the offers down without thought although one would be a huge surprise and the other would be a great worker who I didn’t see flourishing in the WWE system, but also probably wouldn’t have any reservations about moving to the U.S. like many of the Japanese might.”

For clarification purposes, this “offer” was not a firm contract sent but rather “feelers” from the organization to see if they might be interested in jumping ship.

Who Is WWE Interested In?

Judging by the report, it appears at least two NJPW stars have contacted Dave Meltzer to say they have been sent feelers from WWE. He specifically mentions they are Japanese top guys as well, indicating it is not members of the Elite (as has previously been the case).

The NJPW star that “would be a huge surprise” could be anyone from Okada, Tanahashi and down. The other NJPW star “wouldn’t have any reservations about moving to the U.S” could be just about anyone as well. An important note regarding this, however, is that most NJPW stars are under 1-year contracts which end following Wrestle Kingdom.