Update Regarding Sami Callihan’s Departure From MLW

Sami Callihan
Sami Callihan

As previously reported, Sami Callihan was fired from MLW in regards to his performance from the promotion’s Fury Road show in Milwaukee on June 1st. Callihan lost a loser leaves town match to Mance Warner but plans had been in place for him to return to the promotion under a mask. Those plans were scrapped, however, after MLW legitimately fired Callihan due to damage the venue’s property sustained during his match that night.

Details regarding the damage Callihan did to the venue, MLW’s response, and Callihan’s recent conflict with Jim Cornette were addressed recently in the Wreslting Observer Newsletter.

“According to MLW, Callihan did $2,700 in damages to the building in Waukesha, WI, where the match took place,” wrote Dave Meltzer. “Bauer said he broke a new $15,000 bleacher and other property at the venue, dinged a garage door pretty bad, and the company had to pay $2,700. He said that Callihan was legitimately fired over that.”

Sami Callihan Gone From MLW

There was another incident involving Callihan on the show, however. During his ring entrance for his match with Warner, Callihan spit a mouthful of water at Jim Cornette. Callihan would then go on social media and say that he did so due to Cornette’s comments about Sonny Kiss.

There is some debate about how much of what happened between Callihan and Cornette was an angle.

“At this point everyone concedes whatever work they were doing turned into a shoot and right now the heat is real, because Callihan really believes Cornette got him fired and Cornette will always react to people trying to run him down publicly,” Meltzer wrote.

It was also noted that MLW is worried they won’t be able to book the same venue in Milwaukee again because of the damages.