US Title Match Confirmed For Next Week’s Raw

Braun Strowman responds to AJ Styles' challenge

AJ Stlyes

Braun Strowman ruined the Club’s plan on this week’s episode of Raw as he saved Seth Rollins and Ricochet from a beating at the hands of the OC.

Not liking Strowman’s interference in their business, AJ Styles had challenged him for a US title match at the upcoming episode of Monday Night Raw and now the Monster Among Men has responded to this challenge.

The former Wyatt Family member took on his twitter account earlier today and responding to Styles’ challenge, he claimed that the trio has made a big mistake:

WWE was quick to make the match official after this tweet and they sent out a press release through their official website, confirming that the title match will be taking place next week:

“In a interview following the physical altercation with The Monster Among Men, Styles challenged Strowman to a match next week, where the United States Title will be on the line. Strowman accepted the challenge via Twitter.”

What’s interesting to note here is that while this title match makes it seem like Braun Strowman will be getting involved in a rivalry with AJ Styles in future, a latest report suggests otherwise.

According to latest word on the matter, the Monster Among Men is actually scheduled to face a different star in the main event of the upcoming Clash Of Champions PPV. You can check out a detailed report on the matter here.