Vader Back In The Hospital, WWE Files Emergency Restraining Order Against Fan


Vader Has Been Hospitalized Again

Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Vader recently underwent open heart surgery in Dallas, Texas and left the hospital last weekend to begin his rehab. Vader recently took to Twitter to offer an update to fans, and revealed that he’s back in the hospital with a case of pneumonia:

WWE Files For Restraining Order Against Fan

Back in 2015 a series of bizarre incidents began to occur at the WWE Performance Center, involving WWE fan Armando Alejandro Montalvo. Montalvo would appear at the center in wrestling costumes while threatening staff.

He was also filmed begging to be trained by personnel and uttered inappropriate remarks. Back in August of 2015 Montalvo was taken into custody by Orlando police after being called to remove him from their premises – as he had developed an infatuation for one of the female competitors.

Instead of staying away from the facility, Montalvo returned on August 31st of 2015 and caused quite the commotion. He was encountered by armed deputies and was shot after trying to charge an officer.

TMZ reports that WWE is now filing a restraining order against Montalvo due to recent threats from him on social media. Per the documents obtained, Montalvo smeared some of his own feces on the walls of the Performance Center in July of 2015 – a month before his incident with the police.

Montalvo re-appeared at the Performance Center this past March and began harassing employees. While there, Montalvo made the comment “My new wrestling nickname is Generation Flex because my d**k and my balls is bigger than Generation Ex.”

It was also learned that Montalvo threatened to launch a biological attack using his own semen. On April 4th he posted a video on Instagram in which he said “Lord forgive me for what I’m about to do, [because] I know I’m a hundred percent real with it. And every single wrestler is gonna be saying their prayers by the time it’s all said and done. Because if you wanna know why, cuz I’m a wild man.”

He also recently addressed the restraining order by WWE in a recent Instagram post: